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Top 3000 Birthday Wishes for Friends

Top 3000 Birthday Wishes for Friends free – Happy Birthday Wishes Cute and special for Friends. You can share these Parents Day on Facebook, Stumble Upon, My Space, Linked In, Google Plus, Twitter and on all social networking sites you are using.

Birthday Wishes

– Am I the first one to wish you Happy Birthday today? NO? The second one? No? Doesn’t matter, in my mind I was the first one who thought of you at midnight on your special day 🙂

– Finding a great friend is like looking for a four leaf clover. But I did get lucky! Happy Bday! May beauty and happiness surround you today and beyond.

– You are a true friend, please don’t change ever! Happy Birthday and may every wish you have come true!

– For many people the word friend is just a sequence of letters. For me it is the source of happiness and strength because of you. Happy Birthday buddy!

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– I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. Happy Birthday to you!

– I’ve made all arrangements for someone to drive us home. Do you know why? Because we are going to celebrate and have a party for your Birthday!

May you enjoy a day of doing
The special things you like to do,
Because today is your bday
And it’s all about only you!

– We wish you a happy birthday (3X), and a whole lot of cake.

– Always remember how much you are loved and appreciated by all of us. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

– The world is a little bit brighter because of you. Happy Birthday buddy!

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Happy Birthday Wishes

– You are such a special friend,
Who deserves a special day,
For being who you are and
Bringing joy in every way.
You make me smile and laugh,
with everything you do,
So today I get to send
A special Birthday wish to you!

– May your day be as joy-filled and wonderful as it can possibly be.

– Have a Twinkie Day: full of delight, loved by everyone and never-ending

– On your Birthday, my friend, let’s promise to make this year even more fun!

– Let each wrinkle and gray hair tell you how far you’ve come. Happy Birthday Bro!

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– I have three wishes for you on your birthday. First, I wish that this Birthday teaches you something new and beautiful. Second, I wish that you have a day that you’ll remember forever with a smile. And third, I wish that such days keep coming in every single day.

– Have an ecstatic anniversary of the date you emerged victoriously from the womb

– When we first met each other I knew we would always be friends. Our friendship has kept on growing and I’ll be here for you to the end.You listen when I have a problem and help dry my tears. You take away my sorrow and put happiness in its place. Happy birthday my friend and thanks for being such a good friend, being here with me through it all.

– Think of all your favorite things; now go and enjoy them on your special day.

– Finally you’re xx years old! I hope the champagne is already cold. I wish you to celebrate your birthday today. I wish you’ll be happy every single day.

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– May today be the beginning of a life so good that I’m jealous of you forever.

– Do you know why I never need to ask for any blessings from God? That’s because He has given me friends like you! Happy Birthday to you dear friend.

– Happy birthday to an amazing friend “Work hard, be kind, and Amazing things will happen.”

– On your Birthday, I wish you to have the courage to live at least one more dream, fulfill one more wish and make one more person’s life beautiful.

– May my words bring you even a fraction of the joy you are. I think you are the most amazing person I have ever met!

– I’m so thankful I found a friend like you! May every candle, star and wishbone you wish on bring you luck in everything.

– I wish you a fruit from every tree, I wish you much honey from the bee,I wish you a rainbow without rain,  I wish and wish for you, my friend. I wish you a wish for every dream, I wish you were happy as you seem,I wish you love for all your way, I wish you just a great birthday.

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– It is your birthday, you are more than allowed to act like crazy! It’s time you showed the mettle you’re really made of!

– Our friendship is made of gold and it will never rust, will stay precious until the world turns to dust. Happy Birthday and may your every wish come true!

– Happy Birthday to you! I wish that your life blossoms into many of your most cherished desires come true.

– Live with intention, walk to the edge, listen hard, practice wellness, play with abandon, laugh, choose with no regrets, continue to learn, appreciate your friends, do what you love, love as if this is all there is.

– May your day be as happy as you make me as a best friend.

– With us crazies as best friends, I’m surprised we’ve survived this long! Happy Birthday buddy!

– Wishing you an awesome day,  With good luck on your way, Stay blessed and happy this day,  My dear friend on your birthday today!

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– Hope you live forever, because this is what I am planning to do and the sure thing is that I am going to need you. Happy Birthday buddy!

– Today is a perfect day to tell you that you are a wonderful friend. Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best today and throughout the coming year!

– Today is the beginning of something great: another year with you. Our friendship is made of gold and it will stay precious for ever.

– May your day be filled with plenty of butterflies, sunsets, puppies and chocolate (girl).

– Wishing you tons of happiness and joy on your special day. Happy Birthday my mate!

– Enjoy the music as your friends chant the lovely Happy Birthday song! Make the most of your big day today!

– A friend is someone who stands by you side, when you are in trouble and broken inside. A friend is someone who treats you with all the best and shines your day, when you are.

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– May your day be filled with plenty of building, breaking, shooting and eating (guy).

– I will sing Happy Birthday to you so much you’ll wish you’d never been born.

– You’re the reason my spirits always take an uplift, you are the best ever given gift!
Happy Birthday my friend!

– In the journey of your life, may your joys double and your success triple, may your sorrows halve and your failure disappear. Wishing you a stress free life. Happy Birthday!

– Wishing my friend a beautiful day
Hopes and dreams I’m sending your way
May all be good and all come true
On this very special day for you!

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Happy Birthday

– A friend is a person who fills our lives with beauty and grace and makes the world we live in a better and happier place. Thanks for making my world a safer place to live in. Happy Birthday!

– My friend, it’s time to pop the champagne, make some noise, dish out some food, throw some confetti and burst some balloons. Celebrate your Birthday, you deserve the best!

– May this Birthday teach you that failure, depression, rejection, sorrow, hurt and pain are words that you should erase from the dictionary of your life. Wishing  you a very Happy Birthday.

– May your cake be sweet, your presents be expensive and your day be wonderful.

– Quick, you may wanna blow out your candles because I think I used dynamite

– If your cake is dry and your presents wrapped in newspaper, you still have ME!

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– Hope you never lose the brightest smile of yours, which gives me always the
Where would we be in this world if we didn’t have a friend? The sure thing is we wouldn’t be in someone’s Birthday. May you always have friends surrounding your every day. Happy Birthday my friend!

– Special friends are a rare find, but am I glad that you are one of mine! Happy Birthday to a friend I’ll never forget!

– I wish we were siblings; then I’d annoy you morning through night singing the birthday song.

– You are an amazing person and the best friend of mine. May God give you all his love and warmth in every step of yours. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

– Angels are few, and so are you. And that is what makes you so special. Many many Happy Returns of the day. Have an amazing day and an even more amazing year ahead.

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– We are SO best friends; I’ve been singing for hours and haven’t gotten killed yet.

– It’s your day to be spoiled, so if I see you touching the dishes I’ll punch you.

– The perfect recipe for your year ahead should be 20 percent love mixed with 30 percent luck. Add on top 20 percent courage and garnish it with 30 percent health. Say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday!

– Ok, so your present is leftover candy from (last holiday). It’s the thought that counts, right?

– Every time I fell, you pushed me up. You never left me miss a step, shed any tear and feel any fear. I believe I wouldn’t be the same without you.
Happy Birthday my friend!

– I would buy you the world if I had the money, and then we could rule it together.

– Our friendship is the pillar of foundation in my life
Thanks for supporting me all the time. Happy Birthday!

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– Your Job: To get pampered. Mine: To keep you preoccupied before the surprise party. Ooops.

– On your birthday may all that you asked from God be granted to you hundred fold! Happy Birthday to my sweetest friend. Always keep smiling the way you do! Have an amazing day and an even more special year ahead. May God Bless you.

– You’re such a special friend! It’s a pleasure to remember you anytime, especially on your birthday. Have a Great day ahead!

– Don’t take my lack of baking or wrapping skills as a symbol of my care for you.

– I know you don’t like cake, so I bought you 1,000,000 lollipops. Same thing, right?

–  I know you’re not big on gifts, so I gave you an anti-gift by stealing your car.

– A good friend like you is something hard to find, especially in nowadays, but when you find that friend it’s like visiting heaven in a daily base. Happy Birthday my friend!

– May the sun shine the brightest and the birds sing the sweetest today, just for you.

– May our friendship last forever through the brightest days and the darkest nights. May my wish come true to go through the game of life with you. Happy Birthday!

– May we spend another hundred birthdays together, each one better than the last.

– Not everyone in this world is blessed with an understanding, trustworthy, caring and loving friend. That is exactly why I consider myself so incredibly lucky. A very Happy Birthday to you. Have an amazing day.

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– May each year be another year to see the beauty of what you’ve done in this world.

– I’m so thankful I found a friend like you; a friend who fills my life with a pleasant dew every single day. Happy Birthday my buddy and may every wish of yours turn to reality.

– May every day for the rest of your life bring you happiness.

– No matter what happens, always lean on those dearest to you.

– May the special day of yours be filled with loving memories full of fun and the company of good friends.
Happy Birthday!

– Every year with you is another beautiful blessing God gives me.

– May you have a day so wonderful that you remember it for the rest of the year, till yet another wonderful birthday comes along. A very Happy Birthday to you. May God Bless you abundantly.

– Having you as a friend is my every day gift; let me be your gift today.

– You are always there to bring a smile on my face and make me laugh though the worse of my days. Thank you my friend. May every step of yours be greater than the others.
Happy Birthday!

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– I think you are the most amazing person I have ever met; You are a true friend and are always with me through thick and thin;
Please don’t change ever,
A very happy birthday to you!

– Wishing you the loveliest morning, noon and night on your special day.

– May you have tons of happiness and joy on your birthday. Happy Birthday buddy!

– The word friend is just a sequence of letters for many people. For me it is the source of my strength, my happiness, my wealth, because of you.
Thank you my friend and Happy Birthday to you!

– A sweet birthday wish from my side,
Lets go for a fun ride,
Lets dance and enjoy your day,
Coz its your special birthday!

– It’s a perfect day I know,
For me to show,
That you are my best friend and will always stay,
I know I didn’t want to say,
But, have an awesome day,
Coz its your birthday today!

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