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Half Birthday wishes and Messages

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Half Birthday

– You stopped counting your birthdays years ago. You never had to count your half birthdays so that alone is reason to celebrate. Happy HALF Birthday!

– Hey, you celebrate a birthday when the earth goes all the way around the sun, but you celebrate a half birthday when the earth is completely out of sight of where it started on the other side. Take note of that and keep any wildness in your celebration out of sight! Happy HALF Birthday!

– You are just half crazy, not totally crazy. Happy HALF Birthday!

– All the fun but only half the birthday – that is the way to live! Happy HALF Birthday!

– I hope that the second half of this year will be double the fun that the great first half has already been.

– Half of “Happy birthday” is “Happy” and that is what I wish for you on your half birthday. Happy HALF Birthday!

Half Birthday Cake

– They say that the years fly by so fast, but it seems like the half years go by even faster. Happy Half Birthday!

– Hurry up and celebrate. Half birthdays come twice as fast. Happy HALF Birthday.

– Are you ready for half of a rumble? Are you ready for half of a party. Well than you are ready for half a birthday!

–  If you are right only half of the time, then a half birthday celebration seems totally right. Happy HALF Birthday.

– I am only right about half the time but that is more often than you have a half birthday, so listen to me and enjoy it. Happy Half Birthday!

– Half price seems like a good deal. Half a birthday seems like a big deal! Enjoy it. Happy HALF Birthday!

Half Birthday Card

– I give you all of my love even for just half of your birthday. Happy HALF Birthday!

– Does it take double the friendship to celebrate your half birthday? No way. It is always fun to celebrate with you my friend.

– May half of your wishes come true and bring you double what you wished. Happy HALF Birthday!

– Why wait 6 more months to celebrate? Enjoy your half birthday. Happy HALF Birthday!

– A half birthday is good enough: just right without having to save any for later. Happy HALF Birthday!

– Half is more than the whole so enjoy your whole half birthday. Happy HALF Birthday!

Half Birthday Clipart

– Some people ask why celebrate half of of a birthday. To those people I ask: Why not? Happy HALF Birthday.

– You count the rings on a tree to know its age, but it has great moments between those rings as well. Happy HALF Birthday!

– I tried to buy you a card for your half birthday, but they don’t sell them. I tried to bake you half a cake. I wanted to sing you half a song. In the end, I just hope you enjoy your half birthday half as much as I do!

– They say that the years just fly by. It seems like half birthdays are twice that fast.

– Some people celebrate by wearing their birthday suit. I think even half a birthday suit would not be enough for your half birthday.

– Nobody sings “Will you still love me when I’m 64 and a half?” So another half year will not reduce my love for you! Happy HALF Birthday!

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Bonita Canyon Version of Happy Birthday

Today is a birthday, I wonder for whom?
It must be for somebody right in this room.
So look all around you for somebody who
Is smiling and happy, my goodness, it’s you!

Happy Birthday Maria, from all of us to you,
Happy Birthday Maria, from all of us to you.
We congratulate you, and hope all your sweet dreams come true,
Happy Birthday Maria, from Mommy and Daddy too (boom boom.)

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