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Birthday Wishes and Messages for Grandma

Top 135 Birthday Wishes for Grandma and nice cards 100% unique – Best happy birthday messages from Granddaughter and Grandson from Top Birthday Wishes

With all the bad things we see on the news every day, it’s so good to know that you and your love always provide safe haven for my heart. Happy Birthday with love, Grandma.

If home is where the heart is, then I’m with you every minute of every day, Grandma. Happy Birthday with love.

I don’t know where you’ve hidden that fountain of youth, but I’m your granddaugher and I deserve to know! I love you Grandma… Happy Birthday, you hottie!

Okay, maybe we didn’t have the white picket fence, church pot-luck, teaching to knit kind of relationship, but you were always the most fantastic Nana of all time. Happy Birthday, Grandma.

Geography keeps us apart far too much, but always know that you are in my thoughts and prayers every day, Grandma. Happy Birthday.

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma

It is so bad that we are in a generation where no one could tell us tales, thanks to you grandma for telling me great and enjoyable tales. Happy Birthday grandma. Love you a lot.

I hope all of our wishes for you today will brighten up your day, because it seems old age is making you to be too moody. Happy Birthday grandma. Grandson loves you.

It is surprising to me how you make us feel so happy with the olden day’s antics, you are a rare grandmother. I hope you’ll enjoy today. Happy Birthday grandma.

There are no special memories that could be made at this age, but I do hope that today will be a beautiful and memorable day for you. Happy Birthday grandma. Granddaughter loves you a lot.

There is always one beautiful place to seek comfort. A place to wipe away your tears. A place where your fear is turned into courage. That place is in your arms. Grandma, Happy Birthday to you.

With every passing year, our love and care for you have increased. Your kind moral values have always protected us from all the negativity of this world. All we say is thank you. Happy Birthday, grandma.

You are a wonderful lady who has really played her part in this family. You have taught us so much with that long life of yours. Happy birthday grandma!

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma 1

When people ask me who my number one role model is, I always point to you. You are the woman by whom all women are judged. I love you. Happy birthday, Grandma.

You’ve cradled me in your arms, calmed my fears, and shown me by example what real strength looks like. Happy Birthday to the World’s Best Grandma.

Happy Birthday to a risk taking grand ma, my mom told me of every risk and every sacrifice you made for her to be who she is today. I celebrate you grandma. Stay blessed.

It is now clear to me who I got my beauty from, I always knew it wasn’t from my mom, it’s good to know that it’s from my grandma. Happy Birthday pretty grandma.

Grandma, I don’t know how you’ve managed to blend warmth, kindness, intelligence, strength and compassion into one person — but I hope it’s hereditary. Happy Birthday.

Despite your age, your love for me has never gone stale. This is my way of thanking you for your unconditional love. Happy birthday granny.

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma 2

Birthday Messages for Grandma

My father told me that there’s a great cause behind his success in the life; of course he has a great mother and a great motivation to keep going in the right way. You are also an amazing grandmother to me. Happy Birthday grandma!

Delicious meals leave a good taste for a few minutes, but delicious grandmothers add a permanent good taste to our life. Let’s eat the cake of our granny birthday. A great day to you, grandma!

Knocking the door makes us in a rush to see our granny face behind it. When we see another one, we may get sad. Happy Birthday to the greatest source of happiness in our life.

Thank you, my lovely grandma for all the help you have given to me along my life. Your advice has been always the control and judge in my school and the whole life. Wishing you the best birthday ever!

The best part in your birthday is that we touched this happiness many times before. You are a great person in this family. This doesn’t mean that no need for the celebration. We need to rock, granny. Happy Birthday, dear grandma!

I have some favorite cookies that you may have heard of. They are called Grandma Cookies. They taste just like you would make them. Happy birthday!

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma 3

When some people think “Grandma” they think of little grey haired ladies in rocking chairs, but I think of wonderful, dynamic, loving YOU! Happy Birthday.

For all the secrets you kept, the wisdom you offered, the nurturing you gave, and especially the unconditional love, thank you Grandma and Happy Birthday.

Of all the insecurities I may have, I see your face sometimes when I look in the mirror and it makes me smile. We’re beautiful! Happy Birthday.

Your face appears in the dictionary under “Perfect Grandma.” Definition: beauty, compassion, gentle power and love. Happy Birthday.

We don’t see eachother as often as I’d like but, on your birthday, I want you to know how blessed I feel that God has graced me with you. I love you.

So many times I woke and was scared that I’d not find you here. I can only thank heavens you’ve made it this far. I love you granny and I wish you a happy birthday.

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma 4

Birthday SMS for Grandma

Words could express the thousands of feelings I have always had for you, dear granny. Your essential lessons will never be forgotten. I’m humbled to have you in my life. Happy Birthday, granny. We love you.

A beautiful and a kind Queen are never hard to Identify. With all the wrinkles on your face makes you still the beautiful woman I have known all my life. Happy Birthday, granny, may you live long.

You are a perfect creation, you gave birth to a perfect generation, and they gave birth to the future. We are all here for this perfect celebration for the greatest woman alive. Happy Birthday most beautiful.

You always hold us close to your heart Grandma. You pamper us when we are in tears and you gave us the meaning of love. We are here to celebrate your day with love. Happy Birthday, granny.

Granny, I feel that when I reach your age, I will be happy for the happiness that I will give to my grandchildren; I’m sure they will feel what I feel now towards you, my lovely grandma. I wish you have the best birthday ever. Have a great one!

It’s only a puzzle how you’ve managed to live this long in this crazy world. Thanks you for the memories grandma. Hope you live to see better days. Enjoy your birthday.

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma 5

Happy Birthday, Grandma, from your favorite grandchild. What do you mean, WHO? (I haven’t told the others that it’s me either). Love you!

Sometimes we take some of the most wonderfull things in our lives for granted. On your birthday, I just wanted to thank you for everything, Grandma.

I have cost you money, tried your patience, and generally been a pain in your neck. Happy birthday, Grandma, and thanks for still loving me.

Hey Birthday Girl! Thanks for showing me that age doesn’t necessarily have to define you. I hope the most awesome Grandma has the most awesome day!

When I say my prayers on your birthday, I pray that you enjoyed your day, but also send God prayers of gratitude. I’m so blessed to have you in my life.

Grandma’s love is unlike any other. We want you to know that you are one of the few ladies in my life that has my heart. Happy birthday!

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma 6

Birthday Cards for Grandma

Fun, laughter and long silly talks… there’s no one I’d rather get into mischief with than you, Grandma. Happy birthday.

Yo, Home Slice! With your jiggy style, rockin’ ‘tude and chill vibe, I’m shooting you wishes for a righteously solid day. (Translation: Happy Birthday Grandma!)

Mothers are the fine hugs, but grandmothers are the permanent ones. You can be with me all the time, unlike my mom who’s sometimes busy. I hope you have a great birthday, granny!

Simple toys that my grandma has made to me are more amusing than any other new electronic ones. Thanks God for giving me a cool grandmother like mine. Happy Birthday!

Riding horses is more fun, but playing with the horse toy while sitting between the arms of my grandma is the big fun. Asking the God to keep you always healthy and happy. Have a great birthday!

Grandma, your stories never fail to teach and inspire me. I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and thank you for raising an awesome mother. Happy birthday.

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma 7

I hope your birthday is lucky… as lucky as I am to have you as my own awesome Grandma. I love you!

If I seem happy, strong, kind, successful, spiritual or loving, it’s all due to your example, Grandma. Happy Birthday with love and gratitude.

Some people say Granny, Nana, Meema and lots of other things, but I will always call you FRIEND. Happy birthday.

On your birthday Grandma, I want to apologize for all the messes I made when I was growing up. I’ll try to keep my kids from doing the same! Love you…

You should be called “Professor Nana.” You taught me cooking and sewing, but mostly you taught me the true meaning of love. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday grandma. You are one of the most inspiring women I have gotten to know. Thank you so much for everything.

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma 8

Happy Birthday Grandma

Your wrinkles say how great you’ve been in your life. You’ve challenged what we can’t challenge. Your age was convenient for great people like you. Happy Birthday grandma!

Great-grandmas are always closer to grandsons than the parents. I can feel being understandable well with my sweet grandma. Have a birthday as wonderful as you!

Seeing pyramids is meant for tourism and you are meant for kindness, love and wisdom. Wishing you a great birthday, grandma!

You were always my support in every argument against others. I can be your main support now to help you as you did for me. Happy Birthday, granny!

Everyone has a source of happiness. Some people love money and others love power. But to me, your hug and kiss are my main source to smile and be happy. Have a wonderful birthday, grandma!

You are full of life and many different stories from your eventful life. Thank you so much for sharing your life lessons with me. Happy birthday grandma.

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma 9

When we know that it’s grandma birthday, so we will expect many wonderful things will happen today. I never stop thinking in the sweet cakes and candles. Let’s celebrate, granny!

It was a great day! Oh, you ask me what it’s! I mean the day you were born. It was a good day when my grandma came to this life. We have to make it the best day every year. Happy Birthday grandma!

As I know you will need your glasses to write my words, so I used the big words to be clear to you, granny. Just 3 words can be enough for this cool celebration; Happy Birthday grandma!

Dear grandma, when I see your face, I get relaxed! Your wrinkles, your smile, your jokes and all of you make me feel comfortable and hopeful to find the good in my life. Happy Birthday to the beautiful lady.

You are not just a grandma to us, you are our role model. You deserve to have a national holiday that takes your name as a title. Your birthday is what we need now to rock. Have a nice day!

Happy birthday grandma. You are one of the best ladies in my life. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you.

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma 10

I don’t enjoy anything like I enjoy the stories that my great grandma tells. Your affection can change anything to the best. Happy Birthday to you, grandma!

Whatever I watch on TV about grace and loving of grandmothers, no movie can describe how my great grandma is. Asking the God to keep you healthy. Happy Birthday!

We may hear about a father left his sons, a mother faced troubles that forced her to go away… But it’s hard to hear about a tough grandmother left her grandsons. Happy Birthday, the best grandma!

Hey, granny! I had a new job. The first thing I thought of is to listen to your advice to direct me to the right way. It’s your birthday and I need to deliver your directions while eating the delicious cake. Have an awesome birthday!

I can’t forget all what you taught me; how to count my money, how to be safe while playing and how to eat and drink! You are my main mentor. Happy Birthday grandma!

Happy birthday grandma. You are like the modern superwoman. You cook, clean, and do it all with a smile on your face. I love you.

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Birthday Wishes for Grandma

Happy Birthday to the woman who founded a big family of many sons and grandsons. You are the source of kindness whom all resort to. Have a great birthday that can’t be differentiated from your first birthday!

Your chair in our home leaves everyone tranquil and peaceful. Your wisdom makes me come back to you before whatever decision I take. You deserve a great celebration. Happy Birthday grandma!

My mind can erase a lot of memories simply except my sweet memories with my dear grandma. It’s my cool destiny to be a daughter to your son. Wishing you the happiest birthday!

Our family founder deserves to get the appreciation and respect all the time. We cherish being your sons and grandsons. Happy Birthday to the greatest grandma!

I feel it’s hard to be responsible for my kitty life. So What about a woman who is responsible for the whole family and doesn’t sleep well if one of them is not okay. The great day for the great lady. Happy Birthday grandma!

Am only lucky to be part of your lineage grandma. This is for today and many more birthdays to come. Happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday to the woman whose picture is my phone background. Your face reminds me that every thing is good when I feel despair. Best Wishes granny.

No kind of sweets can leave a permanent taste like the sweets I ate with my grandma. You are a great example of love and affection and I hope to see you extremely happy at your birthday party.

Birthday Poems for Grandma

I hope I have your genes

Not just those of mom and dad

For I want those qualities

That you have always had

I want your intelligence

Dexterity and grace

I want your agility

Along with your beautiful face

I want everything that would

Make me your replica

Because you are the most

Amazing woman, dear grandma

Happy birthday

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Even this gift, card and flowers

Can never remotely convey

How much you mean to me

In every little way

Thanks for understanding me

When I was understood by no other

You have been undoubtedly

The world’s best grandmother

Happy birthday


Dear nana…

Ever since I was a toddler

You have treated me like I was special

Your role in my life

Has been so important and crucial

I love you a lot

And appreciate your wisdom, so sound

Even if I went around the world

A person like you, I would never have found

Happy birthday


Dear grandma…

Forget that you have aged

Think about how far you’ve come

Forget the problems you have right now

Think about how your family is so awesome

Forget what you have missed in life

Think about what you have achieved

Forget the things that God didn’t give you

Counts the blessing that you have received

Happy birthday

I just want to take this moment and say, happy birthday to you grandma. Live young!

Searching for the right words to really say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY!

All I ask in this world is to grow old and gracefully as you have granny. Happy birthday.

It’s only unfair to call you grandma with those dance moves. Happy birthday!

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