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65th birthday wishes and Messages Cards

65th birthday wishes and Messages Cards for Mom, Dad, Husband, Brother, Aunt, Wife, Sister. If you thought I was simply going to give you good wishes on your Happy Birthday and walk away, you’re so wrong! I’m here to ask for a Birthday party and a return gift too! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. 65th birthday greetings sayings, quotes from

May your smile get brighter with each passing year. Wishing you a lot of surprises and happiness on your 65th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Being 65 is better than slapped in the face by a dead fish! Enjoy your 65th Birthday with full charm of life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hurray! You’re SIXTY FIVE today, you look younger with each passing year. Have a day that glows with happiness and joy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Celebrating your birthday should be the main thing you do today. We’ll honor you on this day each in our own special way. You mean so much to many of us, and there’s so much we would love to do, but most of all we want to say , “Happy Birthday, to you!”

65 Rocks!! You get better with every turn. Keep calm you’re SIXTY FIVE only. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

As you’re turning 65, you can probably appreciate the many modern advances that we have today. Back then, the only “cell phones” were the ones in the county jail! Times do change! Happy Birthday!

I can’t believe how time flies, it’s your 65th Birthday, don’t worry you don’t look sixty five. HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY.

It’s your birthday! This significance of this day is beyond just your birthday. It is a celebration of someone that is loved and greatly admired. Happy 65th Birthday!

You are turning SIXTY FIVE today, keep your sense of humor alive you’ll survive. HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY.

Congratulations on turning SIXTY FIVE, you’re in the club 60. Wish you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Age doesn’t have any affect on the celebration of a birthday. It always has the same craziness. Wish you a very very special Birthday.

Count your life by smiles not tears, count your age by friends not years. Have a wonderful 65th Birthday.

May the peace, beauty and grace of natures be yours throughout the coming year. Wish you a super duper 65th Birthday.

You’re only 65 on the outside… Inside you’re still rebellious teenager. Wish you a healthy and joyful year ahead. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Shhhhhh! Nobody knows you’re turning 65. Let me wish you 65th BIRTHDAY. May your beautiful day be filled with beautiful moments. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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65th Birthday Cake

65th Birthday Funny Birthday Quotes and Sayings

Birthdays are like boogers, the more you have the harder it is to breathe!

That awkward moment when people are singing Happy Birthday to you and you have no idea where to look.

I can’t believe you’re almost 18. You’ll be able to go to jail!

Old enough to know better…Young enough to still do it.

You’re not 40, you’re eighteen with 22 years of experience!

Act your age not your shoe size.

65th Birthday Card

65th Birthday Wishes for Friend

It is impossible to get through life without at least one good female friend.
A really cool girl that will stay by your side until the end.
You’ve always been that for me, and I hope I am the same for you.
Have the most fabulous 65th birthday party with our whole crew.

We do not share blood, but I consider you a sister to me.
Although you’ve hit your 65th year, there is still so much left to see.
There is still plenty of life left to experience.
We just can’t go out and do anything very intense.

As you ring in your 65th year, do not worry about getting old.
You’re as graceful as ever, and a real treasure to hold.
I consider our friendship more valuable than a slab of gold.
Our adventures and jokes are a story that could be sold.

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65th Birthday eCards

65th Birthday Poems

May each day be filled with
the warmth of God’s love
and the soothing comfort
of family and friends.
May each day bring forth
a sweet memory of the past
as well as the opportunity to make
an even more precious memory for tomorrow.
May everything beautiful be yours
on this special day.


On your 65th Birthday!
Today you’re 65
It’s the perfect time to say
You’s a very special person
and you deserve a special day.


A heartfelt Birthday message,
And a chance to sing three cheers,
To you and SIXTY- FIVE fantastic,
Memorable years!
A Birthday that’s a stepping stone to
A future full of leisure,
that brings with it,
great times of joy..
To live, to share, to treasure!
Special Wishes

65th Birthday Messages

65th Birthday Messages

Your life is about to be smothered by heart-warming cuteness, excessive sweetness, loads of happiness, tender blissfulness and memories priceless. Congratulations for having twins.

Pregnancy will change you as a person. To love yourself, you will find newer reasons. Pregnancy will take you through many twists and turns. New things about life, you will slowly learn. Pregnancy will make you realize your own worth. Feeling empowered from within, as you prepare to give birth. Congratulations.

On your birthday I want to send you the most wonderful message with love, good health and happiness. Happy birthday to the most amazing person, who has taught me to live and enjoy life.

This message is for the one for whom I waited 364 days to wish. May you have the best birthday ever. Best birthday wishes.

I’m thinking of you today, now that your birthday is here. Hope it brings joy and laughter, and happiness in the coming new year!

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65th birthday wishes

You think you are special JUST because it’s your birthday today…No way you’re special every day!!!

How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older? Happy birthday!

I was gonna give you something awesome for your birthday, but the mailman made me get out of the mailbox.

I didn’t forget your birthday, I just forgot today’s date!

Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.

Hey I’m not saying you’re old… I’m just saying that if you were milk I’d smell you before I poured you on my cereal.

65th happy birthday card

65th Birthday Wishes for Brother

We grew up together and I’ve watched you grow
On your 65th birthday brother, you are loved more than you’ll ever know.

At 65 years old today you’re still my little bro
Happy Birthday and thanks for all the good times, we still have more to go.

On your 65th birthday as you send one down the hatch
Remember you are the brother that no one else can match.

On your 65th birthday I’m glad to say
That if I’d had my choice in brothers, I’d have pick you all the way.

For your 65th birthday brother I’m writing to say
I hope you have a great time on your special day.

On your 65th birthday brother, I hope all your dreams come true
Because in my heart I know for sure no one deserves it like you.

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Funny 65th Birthday Greeting Card

So many years have passed by
But your spirit is still the same
The grace on your face and
all the things you do
When your heart is so young you feel the same
It’s just the matter of age game
When you feel young you should not stress
As there is joy in the heart and no distress
Happy 65th Birthday to you!


I still don’t believe that you have turned sixty five
Hey you don’t look the same
As you look younger by the day
And you are still sexy all the way
So forget your age and party hard
As its the start of the graceful years for you
Wishing a Happy 65th Birthday to you!


Enjoy a Happy 65th Birthday
It’s a perfect reason to celebrate in style.
Hope it’s filled with everything you must enjoy..

Happy 65th Birthday Card Quotes

My Princess, you are such a sweet girl. May you have a magical, wonderful birthday. May all your wishes come true!

Every hour of your birthday will be filled with delight, love, and fun. This is my only wish for you. Happy birthday!

How about you give two birthday parties this year? One for all your friends. And the second one just for me. We can both pretend to be birthday cakes and devour each other from head to toe. Happy birthday darling.

Birthday cuddles and birthday kisses for you, are on their way. Hope you have lots and lots of fun, on this, your special day. Happy Birthday!

I wish you a birthday lively as a butterfly, happy like a flower, and so special that you will still be smiling about it when your next birthday comes along! Have a lovely birthday.

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Happy 65th Birthday Conversation

Happy 65th Birthday brother, and here’s my wish for you
That all the joy you spread all year, comes swiftly back to you.

As you celebrate your 65th birthday today
Remember, dear brother, that you’re cherished in every way.

Brother, although there are miles that keep us apart
On this day of your 65th birthday, you are ever in my heart.

It’s your 65th birthday but I feel like I’ve won
God gave me a best friend and brother in one.

Hey brother, on your 65th birthday this year
I wish you good times and days filled with cheer.

65 years ago today we were blessed with you
I wish you the best dear brother, and may all your dreams come true.

Happy 65th Birthday Photo

It is with much regret that I did not meet you sooner.
You’re such a great friend with an excellent sense of humor.
Hearing from you each day makes me feel a lot less hollow.
I am here to celebrate your 65th birthday and each year to follow.

We met as children and continued through life side-by-side.
I’ve never seen you break down and lose your sense of pride.
You’re turning 65 and I’m not very far behind.
Let’s celebrate your birthday and the fact that we aren’t yet blind.

Hair turns gray, falls out, and becomes a distant memory.
Things seem a little blurry and often times hard to see.
It’s not the end of the world to turn 65.
My dear friend, I know you will take it in stride.

I am lucky that someone like me has a great guy like you to call a friend.
There are so few like you, and I’m glad that we’ve never had to pretend.
Don’t you worry about turning 65, it’s not going to sting.
We can go fishing or camping like the old times in spring.

It is impossible to get through life without at least one good female friend.
A really cool girl that will stay by your side until the end.
You’ve always been that for me, and I hope I am the same for you.
Have the most fabulous 65th birthday party with our whole crew.

Some folks might say that we talk a lot, that we’re full of air, our decorum is shot! But when it comes to your birthday, we just want to share our good wishes and cheer, to tell you we care. Have a wonderful birthday and an even better year!

May this Birthday mark the arrival of unlimited number of special days in your life. May happiness never leave your side and may the shine never dry out from your eyes. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

I just couldn’t be anymore unhappier to have missed your birthday. I am really sorry about that. I hope your birthday was just as special as you are. And I honestly pray that all your birthday wishes come true this year. Belated Happy Birthday to you.

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