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50th Birthday Wishes and Cards, Messages for 50 Year Olds

Top 450 50th Birthday Wishes and Cards, Messages for 50 Year Olds – Happy 50th birthday wishes and Greeting Cards, Quotes, Sayings and Cake photo for everybody. funny 50th birthday wishes, 50th birthday wishes for a friend, 50th birthday wishes for men, 50th birthday wishes for husband, 50th birthday wishes for women, 50th birthday wishes for wifi and mom…  Now the rest of your life will depend on whether you have fun by being nifty, or you become boring by being thrifty. The choice is yours. At fifty you might not be able to make a fresh new start, but that doesn’t stop you from feeling young at heart. Happy 50th birthday. Wish to greet someone on their 50th birthday? Find special 50th birthday wishes right here. Share these 50th birthday wishes with your friends via Text/SMS, email, Facebook, Whatsapp, IM, etc. Whether it is your husband, wife, dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, boss, teacher, brother, sister, friend or colleague – wish them a happy birthday with inspirational quotes about life and funny messages about getting old. Go old school and write something sweet on a greeting card, instead of poking the oldies on Facebook or Pinterest. It is never too late to grow up and stop being stupid. Maybe your 50th birthday is your chance to do just that.

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50th birthday Cake

Happy 50th Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful day and a fabulous year being fifty.

Congratulations on your 50th birthday. Wishing you many happy returns for the coming years ahead.

Wishing you many happy returns on your 50th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to a guy/gal who’s nifty at fifty

Happy Birthday to a gal who’s fabulous at fifty

#30th Birthday wishes

Happy birthday to a guy/gal who’s turned 50 but still hasn’t grown up

Go with the flow on the big five-oh

May the next half-century of your life be as wonderful as the first half

Wishing you a happy 50th birthday and many happy returns to enjoy the finer things in life.

Happy Birthday! The world is a better place for having had you in it for the last 50 years, so here’s wishing you many happy returns.

Happy Birthday! The world is a better place for having had you in it for the last 50 years, so I hope you live to be at least 100.

Your first 50 years on earth have been pretty incredible, so I can’t wait to see what you get up to in the next 50.

50th birthday Card

Look back at life and think about the good old days. Time will fly, things will change, but those memories will always stay. Happy birthday.

Until now you may have measured life’s worth with bank accounts and salaries, but now you will realize that nothing is more important than family. Happy 50th birthday.

You are halfway to hundred but that doesn’t guarantee you will live that long. Happy 50th birthday.

If you can blow up all your birthday balloons, then you will officially earn the right of calling yourself young at fifty. Happy 50th birthday.

Illness may be a state in your body but always remember that happiness is a state of mind. Being ill may not always be in your control but if you live with a positive attitude, happiness is what you will always find. Happy 50th birthday.

50th Birthday Clipart

Birthday Wishes for 50 year old Man

Happy fiftieth, my good old chum
Let’s get celebrating with this bottle of rum
We’ll have a grand old time and sing and dance
Just give this birthday rhyme a chance!

It’s your fifth decade and time to say
Let’s get this party started, yes, today
I’ll bring the hats and streamers, for old time’s sake
You’ll bring the soda and one big cake!

Some of our friends have told me that
Turning 50 means going over the hill
I’d like to think that’s not true
But sorry pal, my opinion means nil!
So happy birthday to my ancient friend
To your walker and cane we’ll attend.
At 50, you see, you’ve gotten pretty old
We can’t leave you out for too long
…lest you mold!

#18th Birthday Wishes

I brought you a birthday cake with candles
But I think it’s going to need some handles
It’s too heavy for me to to hold, you see;
with 50 candles, it’s weighing it down for me!
When you get this message then perhaps
You could give the one candle rule a chance
This single candle can represent fifty more
Just blow the one out, even if it’s a bore
My arms will thank you and you can still make a wish
(Perhaps for a lighter cake serving dish!)

50th birthday Cupkcake

Don’t worry, they’re not wrinkles, they’re smile lines, and I hope you have plenty more by the time you’re 60.

If things get better with age, then you’re approaching magnificent! Congratulations on your 50th Birthday.

Happy 20th Anniversary of your 30th Birthday

#Birthday Wishes for Husband

Remember how excited you were when you turned 10 years old? Well now you should be 5 times as excited!

Happy Birthday! Don’t worry about turning 50. Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

You’re not 50. You’re 18, with 32 years of experience!

Technically you’re not 50. You’re only $49.95, plus tax!

You’re 50 years of age. That’s 10 Celcius.

50th Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes for 50 Year Old Woman

Now that you’re fifty,
I want to say,
That I’m sorry you lost all your hair.
Your wig is spiffy,
And if I may,
It looks better than when your head’s bare!

Turning fifty’s not so bad,
In fact, it’s pretty wicked!
You’re wise, respected, young at heart,
And get cheap movie tickets!

#16th Birthday Wishes

Discounts on bus fare and squinting to read,
Stiff aching joints and physicians to head,
Brand new prescriptions the pharmacist brings,
These are a few of my favorite things!

Turning fifty’s not so bad,
Just think of all the fun you’ve had!
Fifty years of hugs and kisses,
Blowing out candles and making wishes!
Let’s raise a glass to the many more,
Happy years you have in store!

Tap, tap, tap your cane,
All the way down the street.
Fifty’s nifty,
You’re still spiffy,
Fifty’s really neat!

50th Birthday Wishes

The best way to enjoy life is to forget your age and just remember the memories. Happy birthday.

A fiftieth birthday is actually a milestone which reads ‘Proceed at your own risk’ Happy 50th birthday.

Do you realize that if you were a historian you would be able to archive half a century? Happy 50th birthday old timer.

Never fear age, just enjoy life’s new stage. Happy 50th birthday.

Midlife crisis is a label that is given to fifty year olds to stop them from being the best they can. Forget these labels and enjoy life to the fullest. Happy birthday.

#2nd Birthday Wishes

50th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Dad, this is your 50th birthday,
And I have something to say.
How do you do all that you do
Without feeling so blue.
You’re the very best Dad in the world,
And now is the time the rest of your life unfurled.
The next phase for you will be oh so grand,
And we hope it goes just like you planned.
You have so much to do,
But please remember we’ll always love you.

#Birthday wishes for friends facebook

I hope that this is a great birthday, my special Dad
Because you are someone who makes me so glad.
You have so much more work to do
Because you keep us all from being blue.
We hope that this is a special day for you
That will mean the world to you
Because we have planned and planned
To give you all that is in the land.

Happy birthday to Dad
Happy birthday to Dad
Happy birthday dear Dad
Happy birthday to Dad

Happy birthday to Dad
Happy birthday to Dad
You’ve made all so very glad
Happy birthday to Dad

Happy birthday, Dad
This is the best song we could give
And we hope that as long as you live
You remember how special you are
Because you brought us all so far.

#Birthday Wishes For Lover

50th Birthday Wishes

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes

You’ve got so much to look forward to in your 50s. In the words of Bob Hope: “I don’t feel old. I don’t feel anything until noon. That’s when it’s time for my nap”.

They say 50 is the new 40. But let’s be honest, 40 was already pretty old.

The English call it 50. The Spanish call it cincuenta. The Chinese call it Wushi. I call it old. Happy Birthday!

You’re turning 50 huh? That’s still pretty young… for a tree.

Wow, you’re turning 50? In dog years that would be, um… dead.

#1st Birthday Wishes

Happy 50th birthday. Congratulations… from now on you’re officially old

50 is pretty much prehistoric. But at least you’re not extinct.

You’ve got half a century of accumulated knowledge and wisdom! That would be awesome… if you could remember any of it.

Congratulations! You’re 50! Smile… while you still have teeth.

You’re 50 and you’ve acquired a lot of common sense… which is lucky, because your sense of sight and hearing aren’t what they used to be

Deepest sympathies on your 50th birthday

Oh no! Say it ain’t so! John Smith turns the big 5-0!

So, you’re finally 50. Now we can round your age up to 100

#Birthday Wishes for Son

50th Birthday Wishes

50th Birthday Wishes for Boss

To a boss who works hard and never settles for less than the best,
We wish you a calm and peaceful 50th Birthday full of happiness and rest.

Not everyone has the patience…
And knows the right words to say to bring inspiration;
Or has the ability to give sound direction
To lead this team to supersede all expectations.
Your encouragement and your counsel are like a special gift.
All these things make you a great boss to work with.
Hope you enjoy your 50th Birthday celebration that you surely deserve!

It’s refreshing to work with someone who’s understanding;
Someone who knows what he wants, but isn’t too demanding.
You motivate others to get the job done.
You’re an encourager, success coach but not afraid to have fun.
Happy 50th Birthday to a great boss!

#Birthday wishes for kids

Heroes come in different forms.
Mine has a corner office and signs my checks.
Happy 50th Birthday to the greatest boss I know!

All of us on the team feel really blessed to have you for our manager.
We hope you have a day filled with joy.
Happy 50th!

Don’t count your grays.
It’s not about the number of days.
As you celebrate your 50th birthday,
Remember that it’s about the love that grows, the relationships made…
The milestones you’ve reached and the accomplishments displayed.

50th Happy Birthday Card

You may no longer be young as you turn fifty. But nothing is stopping you from being naughty and nifty. Happy birthday.

The older you are growing, the naughtier your thoughts are getting. Happy 50th birthday to my husband.

Be happy about the fact that you have at least a decade or two more until you officially become redundant and retired. Happy birthday.

Being fifty is all about knowing how to hit PLAY after menoPAUSE and androPause put a PAUSE on your life. Happy 50th birthday.

Some people will tell you that half of your live is now over, but I am telling you that a new half of your life has just begun. So forget the naysayers and just plan to have fun. Happy 50th birthday.

#Half Birthday wishes

50th Birthday Wishes for Sister

When we were 5 we made funny faces and shared toys
When we were 10 we snuck to the kitchen for and ice-cream.
When we were 15 we stayed up late to talk about boys
When we were 20 we stayed up late to talk about our dreams.

By the age 25 we may have started to drift apart
By the age 30 we each had so much going on in our lives.
By the age 35 I knew you held a place in my heart.
By the age 40 you’d shown me secrets to help me thrive.

Now after 50 long and full years of having a sister like you
One thing is clearer than it’s ever been, for sure!
I’m the luckiest person alive, and I think I always knew
That the love we share is strong, and always will be pure.

50th Happy Birthday

50th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Half a century you’ve had
On earth to learn and grow.
You’re far from being just a lad,
But you’ve a childlike heart, I know.
I wish the wisdom of the years,
The lessons of the past,
Will serve you well and others guide
So long as life shall last.

Five decades now have passed away
Since that original momentous day
When you first came into this world
And in mothers arms were curled.
You’ve been a friend
Both kind and true
To me and many more.
I pray that blessings
Come to you-
For many you have in store.

#Belated Birthday wishes

Adam lived 900 years-
So don’t think fifty’s old.
There are trees with twice
As many rings-
Or so I’m told.
Those “tites” and “mites”
That are found in caves
Make you seem quite young.
So happy birthday, little child,
Your years are not half done!

I wish you health, and wealth, and life
Long-lasting and full of cheer.
I wish you joy and peace and love
That fills each day and year.
I wish you all of God’s good gifts-
Blessings within and without.
I wish you well
And always thank God
That he gave you to me as a friend.

#Birthday wishes from movies

50th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

When I think about the people that made me who I am,
I of course think of my parents, as we often do.
But I also think of another person that did help.
That person is an amazing mentor, that person, he is you!

By being an amazing uncle you have helped me grow.
You’ve helped me become all that I was ever meant to be.
When I think of all the times the two of us have seen,
I get a smile just thinking of the memories I see!

If I’m ever half the person that I see in you,
I won’t be able to complain, ’cause that’d be pretty nifty.
I hope you celebrate your birthday in a great big way,
After all it’s not each day a great uncle does turn fifty!

#Philosophical Birthday Wishes

I honestly don’t know where I’d be
Without you here, my unc!
I probably would have been long gone,
My ship sure would have sunk.
You helped me laugh when I needed
You helped me to see
All the goals and aspirations
That could be for me.
For half a century you’ve been
A great asset to the earth.
You’ll never know just how much
To me your love is worth.
Not every person gets to have
An uncle like I did.
I sure am aware that I
was one lucky kid!
I don’t want to be long winded
So I will just say
Hope you have a very happy
fiftieth birthday!

#Birthday Wishes for Dogs

50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

They say the sibling relationship is like no other,
Everything is different when you’re from the same mother.
We share childhood memories, and childhood fights,
We went through moments of bliss and fright.
Then, one day we drifted apart,
It was like we were following different charts.
But adulthood does that to a sibling relationship;
One day we’re just no longer joined at the hip.
But you’re still my brother through and through,
Even if you’re fifty now, you’re still the same you.
You’re the same you who teased me and told on me to dad,
And you’re the same you who cheered me up when I was sad.
Even if we moved away we’ll always have each other,
And that’s what makes you the most wonderful brother.
And we will soon see each other again,
I know that it’s not if, but when.
Now it’s your birthday so I must say,
Happy birthday, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Fifty years you’ve spent on this Earth,
Fifty years with very much worth.
Fifty years full of love and pleasure,
Fifty years of work to treasure.
Fifty years of growing from a boy to a man,
Fifty years of working on your life’s plan.
Fifty years of friendships and relationships,
Fifty years of achievements without one slip.
Fifty years in which so much has been done,
That you need fifty more years to finish everything you’ve begun.
Happy birthday, brother, and know that it’s true,
That I will spend fifty more years looking up to you.

#Birthday wishes for cats

To my brother, who I very much admire,
It is you who has always lit my fire.
You’ve made me try harder, and be better,
At things as diverse as basketball and knitting a sweater.
Now it’s your fiftieth birthday, and I wish you all the best,
You deserve to have a very nice rest.
You deserve to be with those you love and to eat cake,
And you deserve a nice, long break.
We’ll all be there, Mom, and Dad, and me,
Reminding you that we’re always a family.
We’ll celebrate how you achieved all we knew that you could,
And how you’ve accomplished so much just like we’ve always you would.
Let’s celebrate your half a century on earth,
With all of the presents and parties that you are worth.

#Religious Birthday Wishes

Turning fifty is when you will realize, that life is not a race, it is a wonderful prize. You will start slowing down and begin to cherish, even the quirky moments that once seemed garish. Such is life after fifty – beautiful, captivating and utterly heavenly. Happy birthday.

In the thrilling story of your life, this is the point where things start getting interesting after the break. Brace yourself, happy birthday.

I have known you since high school and I am wishing you for your fiftieth birthday. We are truly BFFs. Happy 50th, here’s to you my friend.

Fifty is the time to eat as much birthday cake as possible. You never know when diabetes bursts your bubble. Happy 50th birthday.

You are in the best phase of life. You can complain that your knees ache when you don’t want to go to work. You can also conveniently say that you feel young at heart, when you want to travel. Happy 50th birthday.

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