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45th Birthday Wishes and Messages, 45th Birthday Greeting Cards

45th birthday wishes, poems and best messages for husband and wife, Happy birthday 45 years old greeting cards for Dad & Mom, Friends, Brother so Funny from

Your birthday is a time to celebrate all the great things about you.
Thank you for all the wonderful things you do! Happy 45th birthday!

You’re a tried-and-true friend and that’s no jive,
May you have a great year as you turn 45!

Happy 45th birthday to a very special friend. May you look at this milestone as just the beginning of a new, positive chapter in the adventure of life.

F = Fat,
O = old,
R = really
T = tired,
Y = YouF = feel
I = irritated
V = very
E = easily…when people remind you of your age and it’s effects!
(Just kidding!) Happy Birthday!

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As you turn 45 I hope you’ll enjoy new adventures, new joys, and soar to new heights! Have a great birthday!

Birthdays are times for making memories with those we love. I’m so thankful that you would consider me worthy of spending time with on your special 45th Birthday!

45 candles on your cake,
45 wishes you can make.
If I could choose, my wish would be
Many more happy years for you and me!

Turning 45 is really no big deal.
You’re only half-way to 90, so how does that make you feel?

You’re 45 and some say you’re over the hill,
But I say that you have much more life to fill.
Keep doing things in your own way,
And you’ll find that I’m always here to stay.
Enjoy something special day,
Because today is your very best birthday.

Happy 45th Birthday, and enjoy your last look from the top before you start sliding down the other side of that long hill!

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45th Birthday Cake

45 is more than a number or a sign.
45 is a place where you’ve crossed the line.
The line between young and old.
The line between timid and bold.
Take this new age and do something great
Before you find out it’s too late.
Happy birthday to you, dear friend.
I hope this day, for you, will never end.

On your 45th birthday wishes be grateful for how far you’ve come, how long you still have to go, and how much you’ve accomplished to reach this milestone.

Life goes by so quickly that sometimes we just don’t see
The changes that are happening to folks like you and me.
Although we’re getting older, I’m thankful that I can say
I’m grateful that you’re here so I can wish you happy birthday!

No words can describe how proud I am of you big brother. Happy 45th birthday, and may the next 45 years be even better than the first!

Congratulations to your 45th birthday. Don`t be sad. It could be worth. Just imagine you could tirn 54 today

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45th Birthday Party Celebration

Your birthday means so much to everyone around you.
There is nothing that can make this day for them blue.
They just want to celebrate having you in their midst,
Because you have chosen to stay in everyone’s midst.

Thanks for always being there for me throughout the years.
I want you to know that on your birthday I’m reminded of how blessed I am to have you for a friend. Happy 45th Birthday Wishes!

You know you’re getting old when they stop asking for your ID at the store check out and they start asking if you qualify for a senior discount at restaurants. Don’t worry, 45 is just the tip of the aging iceberg! Happy Birthday!

I know you as my brother, as the father of your beautiful children, as a caring and kind husband to your wife, as a great professional at your job and most of all, as a great friend to me and many others. Happy 45th birthday to a brother that I am so very lucky to have.

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45th Birthday Wishes 1

Worrying about your age is a waste of your time.
You’ve got much more going on in your mind.
Use your time today to remember how good you’ve got it.
We all wish you a great day and hope you enjoy it.

With an attitude of gratitude face this new year with pride,
As you hit 45, enjoy each moment of life’s ride!

When you turn 45, you can gain some perspective by looking forward, looking back, and looking around at where you are right now.

All the best wishes for your 45th birthday. Please be carefull as it is statisticly proofen that too many birthday can end deadly.

How many years has it been? Why 45 of course! Happy 45th birthday to a brother who needs no introduction. It’s been a blast with you.

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45th Birthday Wishes

The best thing I can say on your birthday
Is that it is a very special day.
Birthdays are made of joy and love,
But there is even more coming from above.
You’ve only begun to live in your time,
And I hope you find joy in this special rhyme.

You don’t have to think of 45 as getting older, just think of it as being aged to perfection!

You don’t have to consider yourself older, just more experienced in life! Have a great 45th Birthday!

Rather than count the 45 candles on your birthday cake,
Count all the friends in whose life an impact you make!

You are getting wiser with the age. Does that mean you are becoming a philosopher now

It’s your 45th birthday messages, bro! Who would have thought we’d make it this far. At any rate, your a great brother to have around, and I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me on your big day.

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45th Happy Birthday Cakes

Age is all in the mind of the young,
And youth is all in the mind of the aged.
Take this very special day to remember,
That there are things much more tender
Than a number that doesn’t do your heart justice.

If you’re turning 45, be glad that you’re alive!
Be glad that you’re not younger and still making stupid choices,
Be glad that you’re not older, seeing things, and hearing voices.

If you’re worried about turning 45, don’t give it a second thought.
‘Cause the 50-year-olds out there sure do envy you a lot!

Don’t be upset that you’re turning 45.
There are plenty of older people just glad to be alive!

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Happy 45th Birthday Balloon

Work and stress take their toll, but this birthday more than a date on a calendar.
This birthday is the day where you get to decide how you are going to live the second half of your life.
You only have to be yourself because you’ve come this far,
And I hope that you remember this card when you things aren’t up to par.

Just because your body feels more stiff and sore
Doesn’t mean your life has to be a bore!
Happy birthday to a friend who still knows how to party at 45!

Don’t worry about the number of years you’ve been living!
Thank you for all the love you’re always giving!

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Happy 45th Birthday Giveaway

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Forty-Fifth Birthday
Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Make This Day Ever So Special
Happy Birthday To You.

When you’re 45, you’re old enough to look back and learn from your mistakes.
You’re young enough to look forward and still anticipate plenty of great years ahead.

On your 45th birthday, be thankful for the years behind, look forward to the years ahead, and live in the moment!

If the candles do not fit on the birthday cake anymore you know you are getting old. It is getting a little narrow with 45 candles don`t you thing?

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Happy 45th Birthday

On your 45th birthday, I want to know
That I believe in you so
Because you’ve made it to this day
And I know that there is more in your way.
But I know that you are so strong,
And you will love each day long
As you become more of who you are
And touch people near and far.

Well, you’re turning 45. It’s all downhill from here.
So just sit back and enjoy the ride as you coast into the best years of your life!

I am sending you 45 cuddles and 45 kissses on your 45. Birthday. Have a real nice birthday

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Celebrating your birthday is more than a party and a cake.
You need something on this day that you can take
To remind you that you are more than a number or age
Because today is the day you turn the page
To a new chapter in life and times
That I hope is filled with more than just rhymes.

Congratulation on your 45th birthday messages. It is so nice to be young, dynamic and full of energy. Can you remember that?

How do you know you’re old? Let me count the ways!
For starters your language changes and you start to use the phrase
“I remember way back when,” or “Oh, those sure were the days!”
You’ll start noticing changes in your body as this phase
Starts to set in firmly, changing forever your ways.
You might start to understand some of your father’s craze.
Your memory might start to be blurry, or haze.
And you remember all of the other forty-four birthdays!

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Happy 45th Birthday, Old Man!

No you are not turning 45, but 38 with 7 years of experience. Congratulations on your birthday.

Sister happy 45th birthday

B is for Blessed
I is for Inspired
R is for Right on
T is for Terrific
H is for Happy
D is for Dream come true
A is for Awesome
Y is for You–because I hope all of these words describe your 45th birthday!

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Live your life to the fullest,
Don’t worry about your age.
Each day is a gift from above,
And each year a brand new page.
Happy 45th Birthday!


Turning 45 doesn’t have to be a bore
You can dance all over the floor,
You can eat to your hearts’ delight
(Just don’t be surprised if you get heartburn tonight!)

Happy 45th birthday to the best brother a person could ask for! It’s been a lot of years that we’ve been siblings, and I can’t say all of them have been easy (wink), but you’re a great brother to have and I wish you a happy day.

Happy birthday, brother! You’re 45 now, and so it’s probably about time you start acting like an adult. You know, shaving, showering daily?

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