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New Year Messages, Wishes for Parents, New Years Resolutions

New Year Messages, Wishes for Parents, New Years Resolutions for You – Happy New Year quotes, sayings and Greetings cards for All countries. It is sometimes important to express your love and regards for your parents even when they know your feelings about them. Open up your heart to say thanks to the people who have made you the person you are today with wonderful messages on the New Year. We can really help you to find a suitable new year wishes for mom and dad here. Find a new year message that will be far better than the New Year messages for son that your dad is sending. Or add some new year resolutions as new year messages.

New Year Messages for Parents

I will never be able to repay you back for the pains you took throughout these years to make me the person I am today. All I can say you on the New Year is thanks and hope you will remain by my side to help me achieve great things.

Dreams, which I thought were impossible to achieve, have now come true and it is all  because of the teachings and values that you instilled in me in these years. Make 2016 more beautiful with your support.

Every time I go down on my knees, you lift me up and encourage me to move forward. You put a smile when I am low and you make me happy when I am sad. Continue to fill up my life with happiness and knowledge even in 2016.

You have opened up your arms to give me a hug when I felt low, treated me with compassion and understood my feelings even when I had no words to express them and you never hesitated to correct me when I went wrong in my actions and words. You have been more than parents in these years. In fact, you have been my true mentors. Here’s wishing a very bright and happy New Year to my mother and father.

Nothing has ever remain hidden from you for a very long time because your noble hearts have always understood things that I have wanted to do and things I have been involved with without me having to giving you any explanation. Mom and Dad, I want you to remain by my side always. Happy New Year 2016!

I may not have ever express in the years gone by as to how much love I hold in my hearts for you but I would like to grab every possible moment of 2016 to express my regard and love for you Mom and Dad. Happy New Year!

You have not only provided me with wings to give flight to my dreams but have also shown me the roots to remind me where my origin is and taught me never to forget to keep myself grounded no matter how high I fly in life. I thank you in the New Year for being there always and wish you will continue to provide me with your support throughout life.

New Year Messages for Parents 1

New year Messages for Father

Fathers Αre one of the mοst important people Ιn our lives. Τhey are one οf those very few Ρeople, who Τruly care for us Αnd try their level Βest to Ρrotect us, Ιn whatever way Τhey can.

Ι may be bad sοmetimes but Ιt is just my way οf getting your Αttention and feeling lοved. Happy Νew Year!Fοr being the best Ρarents, cheers!

Ι may not learn tο stand if you had not guided me οn Μy first step. Ι would not Βe able to say kind wοrds, Ιf you did not teach me tο utter my first wοrds. Μost of all, Ι wouldn’t be the Ρerson that Ι am now if nοt because of Τhe guidance you Αlways give Μe. Thank yοu.
New year messages for parents

Οur family is the Βest asset Ι have. We may nοt be rich in wοrldly things, Βut we are Βlessed with a Ηappy family that supports Εach other. This Νew Year, Ι hope that Gοd will continue to Βless us with Ηis love.

Μy heart is filled ωith nothing but Τhanks for bringing Μe up sο well. Ι will not Εnjoy everything that Ι have now if nοt because of yοur hard works. Ι hope to be Βetter so I can Βe more worthy to Βe called as your sοn/daughter. Ηappy New Year!
New Year Messages for Mother

Μom it is Νew year, and Αnd and I expect a New year gift from yοu. Yοu can expect a Νew year wish from Μe to Τhe sweetest mom in the wοrld.

This Νew year wish is fοr a sweetest mom Ιn the world From Τhe best daughter Ιn the world. Happy Νew year tο You OK where is My Νew year Gift?

Μom, fοr cooking all of Μy favorite foods… Fοr doing Τhe laundry… Fοr being my Βest friend… Ι thank you very Μuch! Μay you stay Αs cool as yοu are this Νew Year οnwards.
New year messages for parents

Ι am so blessed tο have such supportive Αnd loving Μom as yοu. Ι promise to Βe worthy of your lοve. Τhat is my Νew Year’s resolution which Ι hope to fοllow.

New Year Messages for Parents 2

Fathers are one of the most important people in our lives. They are one of those very few people, who truly care for us and try their level best to protect us, in whatever way they can.

For many people, fathers are their role models. It is often said that a father is his daughter’s first love and his son’s first hero. On special occasions like Christmas and New Years, make your father feel special by writing him a card, an e-mail or even sending him a text message.

Unsure about what to write in those cards? Do not worry! Following are some of the best New Year Wishes for fathers which you could use. Or, taking ideas and inspirations from them, you could even write something of your own.

I am such a stubborn and naughty kid.
I promise to stay like that, only a bit better.
Happy New Year!

I may be bad sometimes but it is just my way of getting your attention and feeling loved.
Happy New Year!For being the best parents, cheers!

Dad, for working so hard,
For being the best provider,
And for being me protector,
I thank you so much.
I wish you’ll have good health and more blessings to come.
Happy New Year to you!

You are my wings that lift me up when I feel down.
You believe in me so much that I do not want to fail you.
Thank you for supporting me all the way.
Happy New Year to you!

I may not learn to stand if you hadn’t guided me on my first step.
I would not be able to say kind words, if you didn’t teach me to utter my first words.
Most of all, I wouldn’t be the person that I am now if not because of the guidance you always give me.
Thank you.

Very soon you will get old. I assure you that I will give back all the love and care you showered me. Happy New Year!

New Year Messages for Parents 3

Our family is the best asset I have.
We may not be rich in worldly things,
but we are blessed with a happy family that supports each other.
This New Year, I hope that God will continue to bless us with His love.

My heart is filled with nothing but thanks for bringing me up so well.
I will not enjoy everything that I have now if not because of your hard works.
I hope to be better so I can be more worthy to be called as your son/daughter.
Happy New Year!

New Year will not be complete if it I will celebrate it without you.
You never fail to make this day special with all the simple gestures that you shower us.
That is why New Year is always a celebration for all of us.

New Year Messages for Parents 4

New Year Wishes for Mother

Mothers are special in so many ways. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most important people in our lives. They do so much for us. And to make her feel special this New Year’s, why not acknowledge her efforts and tell her how much we love her?

This New Year’s Day, let your Mom know how much you love her. Don’t know how to express in words? Then use this list of New Year messages for mom. You may also find various New Year greetings and New Year wishes for her. These New Year wordings may also be used as New Year card messages, New Year text messages, New Year SMS, New Year quotes and New Year sayings.

Mom it is New year, and and and
I expect a New year gift from you
You can expect a New year wish from me
Merry Christmas to the sweetest mom in the world

This New year wish is for a sweetest mom in the world
From the best daughter in the world.
Happy New year to You
Ok where is my New year Gift??

Mom, oh my sweet mom, hope
When you read this message
You will remember to buy
a new year gift for me
Happy New year

Another Day, Another Month, Another Year.
Another Smile, Another Tear, Another Winter,
A Summer Too, But
There Will Never Be Another You!
May Lovely, Happy Times
Decorate This Time Of The Season.
May Warm, Special Memories Brighten Your New Year.

New Year Messages for Parents 5

Mom, for cooking all of my favorite foods…
For doing the laundry…
For being my best friend…
I thank you very much!
May you stay as cool as you are this New Year onwards.

This New Year, I want to let you know how thankful I am for having you as my Mom.
Happy New Year Mommy!

Cheers to the best Mom in the world!
Happy New Year!

I am so blessed to have such supportive and loving Mom as you.
I promise to be worthy of your love.
That is my New Year’s resolution which I hope to follow.

New Year is another year for me to enjoy your company and cherish the memories that our family will create. I am so happy to live knowing that you are here by my side. Happy New Year to us!

We are given another year to look back I our lives.
I want you to know how much I deeply appreciate your efforts.
I now understand why you sometimes scold me.
I know you have been through a lot and you want nothing but the best for me.
Thank you, Mom, for your unselfish love.

I thank God for giving me a wonderful mother.
Mom, I love you.
Happy New Year

To best mom in the world,
Happy New Year!

I may not always say,
I may not always show.
But I do care for and love you, Mom.
Happy New Year!

We are what we are today because of you.
Thank you for the care, guidance and love.
This New Year, I want to let you know how much you mean to me.
Happy New Year!

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions 1 New Years Resolutions 2 New Year's Resolutions

1. Changing Bad Habits

We all have bad habits, admit it or not. Some are just not too obvious but they are there to remind us that we are but humans. We wish to eliminate these habits most of the time.

2. Weight Management

It is a current trend to look fab and slim. Fashion rules the world nowadays. To pass the ultimate fashion test, all hope for trim and sexy bodies. Some hope to lose weight while some want to gain weight.

3. Saving Money

The future is uncertain. There is always a chance to defend ourselves by making certain that we have enough allocated resources. By saving money, we brace ourselves from the changing seasons.

4. Exploring anew

Because we tend to dwell on what needs to be transformed, we either end up wanting a new job or learning something worthwhile like a hobby or interest.

5. Making Investments

We want to acquire new properties like houses, cars or businesses. This adds to our accomplishments thus making us feel esteemed and contented.

6. Searching for love

People always search for the feeling of love. Some just want to find that perfect someone or get settled down. No matter how young or old, we look for someone to share our success, dreams and worries. Thus, we want more to get acquainted with various individuals.

7. Traveling

Stress drives one to look for ways to relieve it. Thus, new places are often part of the list for people to unwind and relax and forget for awhile the daily routine they have.

8. Spending Time with Family

Generally, we are constantly get bombarded by a lot of tragedy on the news and even in our daily lives. Also, time is fleeting so quickly because modern world moves fast, too. So, we always take on a new year as an opportunity to reach out to our family and friends. It reminds us how time is precious. Start expressing them your love and care by sending new year cards with happy new year messages on them.

9. Finding a New Cause

Part of our moral instinct is to find ways of giving a helping hand. Almost everyone wants to do something to make the world a better place. And that is why we search for advocacy may it be personal or for an organized aim.

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