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Birthday Wishes For Boys, Guys and baby boy

Birthday Wishes For Boys, Guys and baby boy ▷ #BirthdayWishes – Best happy birthday message for that special boy, greetings cards and Funny #BirthdayBoys – Today is the day when you can relax, don’t let anyone boss you around because today is only your day, today is special, but together we can make it even more special! On this page we present you a great collection of birthday wishes for boys and guys. Sending birthday messages to your friends is an important tradition, it’s a great way to let the person know that you care. Here you will find not only birthday greetings for your male friends, but birthday cards for guys as well. Happy birthday!

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Birthday wishes for boys and guys 1

Happy birthday to my special man! Meeting you was the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in life!

The warmest bday wishes to my adorable boyfriend! I feel so happy when you are next to me, honey, I wish you the most amazing special day that you will always remember!

Sending you ocean of love on your special day, sweetheart! May your bday be as cool and cheerful as you are!

Happy birthday to the most special person in my life! You make my world complete, darling.

The most loving birthday greetings to my steady rock! Thank you for being the man that I can always count on.

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Birthday wishes for boys and guys 2

Today is your day, live it like you are the king of the world and don’t mind what others say, this day is just for you! Happy birthday.

People wish happiness all the time,
They say “May all of your dreams come true”
But I wanted to wish you true friendship and an amazing birthday!

We all hope you have a bright future, because you have a lot of challenges coming up in your life, you’re brave, smart, loving, and we know you will be able to get through them! Happy birthday!

To other people this day may seem ordinary, but to us it’s not!
Happy birthday, buddy! We hope you have an amazing day today!
May your smile never leave your face!

I wish you the most amazing day, filled with joyful moments! May this day bring you everything that you love most!

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Birthday wishes for boys and guys 3

Happy Birthday to the smartest boy in all over the world!

This day is all about you. I decided that the best birthday present is to make a list of all the things that make you the best friend in the history of the world. I’m at number 1,876 and still going. Enjoy your birthday as I work through this.

Want to know the secret to true happiness? Find a friend who is brave, strong, loyal and always prepared to get you out of trouble. Spend a lot of time with said friend. Take friend to a special birthday dinner. Pick you up at 8 pm.

You hit another milestone. The years are piling up, yet you still laugh and light up the room like that little boy who first shook my hand with his glue-coated hands. Who would have thought we would make it this far? Have a great birthday!

If you look in the dictionary under “best friend,” you’ll find your picture in there. They also have your photo under “birthday,” but that’s a special for today only.

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Birthday wishes for boys and guys 4

Happy birthday! Now you are one more year older, but not a bit wiser, I guess…

Look at you, all grown up..
Time flies so fast, and to think you were still a little boy yesterday…
Well let’s make today a happy birthday then!

On your Big Day I wish you lots of joy, fun, happiness, love and all other stuff that doesn‘t cost a thing…

May flowers grow on the path you walk
May the sun shine bright on your youth days,
May every step you take be an adventure
May this day be the best birthday ever!

On your special day I wish you a life full of exciting adventures and joyous surprises!

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Birthday wishes for boys and guys 5

A Fabulous and memorable happy birthday to my little angel; happy birthday!

Happy birthday little angel; Let it be filled with showers of love and happiness.

Happy birthday to the apple of all our eyes; we love you.

This is your day. Decorate it with all your naughty ideas and actions. Have fun.

Let the birthday of the most handsome boy be as sweet as honey.

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Birthday wishes for boys and guys 6

Today is the only day of the year when you will not be scolded for eating too many sweets, having too much ice cream, playing too many games, spilling food all over, sleeping late and having the best time of your life. Wishing you a Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday. Don’t be sad you’re a year older. Keep your chin up…if you can! Well, you know what I mean.

You know how most people, on your birthday, tell you, “My goodness, you never seem to age.” Well, I’m not one of them. Happy birthday, old fart!

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A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.

I’ve sent you three balloons with three wishes for you on your birthday. First, I wish that this Birthday teaches you something new and beautiful. Second, I wish that you have a day that you’ll remember forever with a smile. And third, I wish that such days keep coming in every single day.

Birthday wishes for boys and guys 7

Happy birthday to my adorable boyfriend! I can‘t imagine my life without you, honey, wishing you the greatest happiness that can be!

Birthday greetings to the joy and the love of my life! Wishing you the most amazing and unforgettable special day!

Happy bday to the hottest and the most cheerful on the planet! May your day be extremely fun and exciting!

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When you hold me, I feel like I am home, so safe and warm inside. Happy birthday to the man that I love with all my heart!

Happy bday, my love, I wishing you all the most wonderful experiences on your day and every day!

Birthday wishes for boys and guys 8

Let the almighty God bless the life of this little angel.

I am sending you 100 sacs filled with fun, joy and laughter on your birthday.

Let all your dreams come true on your birthday.

Up, up and away may your birthday balloons fly high today!

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Blow your candles, eat a whole cake and open dozens of biscuits today. It is your birthday and you should party little man!

Birthday hugs are sent your way; have a wonderful one! We love you and we wish you a happy birthday.

Birthday wishes for boys and guys 9

I am wishing you a birthday loaded with toys, chocolates and fun to the sweetest.

One year older means one year cooler. Happy Birthday my little prince!

Let the desires of you sweet baby be fulfilled on the very special birthday.

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I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night! Birthdays don’t come everyday, so make it a day that will go down in history!

Your birthday only comes around once a year so let’s make today a day to remember. Wishing you Many Happy Returns of the day.

Happy Birthday!!! I hope this is the begining of your greatest, most wonderful year ever!

Birthday wishes for boys and guys 10

One year older means you are now one year cooler. Happy birthday my little baby!

My dear baby; laugh, smile, jump and play. It is your birthday.

You are a gift to the world. How is that for a reverse birthday wish. Happy Birthday.

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I wish that I could be the greatest friend in the world, but there is no way to be a better friend than you are. Happy Birthday.

Wishing you courage, respect, wits, success and lots of love on this magical day in which we’re celebrating your birth.

Birthday wishes for boys and guys 11

I pray for the brightest future of the smartest kid on his awesome birthday.

Look outside, even the butterflies are celebrating your birthday dancing. You are special.

Let’s invite Humpty Dumpty to come and celebrate with us the birthday of our twinkling little star.

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Wish you baby a special birthday, as special as you are to us. You are the best son of this world.

Let the birthday rock for our little hero.

Birthday wishes for boys and guys

Smile, and the world will smile back,
Today all you need to do is smile,
Don’t even think about being sad, today is a special day
Your birthday! So let’s make it a happy one!

Happy bday! Always dance to the beat of your heart and enjoy every moment of every single day!

We are all here today to wish you an amazing and memorable birthday!
May all of your deepest dreams come true!

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May you find your special day as cool as your special day finds you!

Hey you! yeah you! I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!
May all your bravest dreams come true and sorrows be gone!

Your birthday comes around only once a year so let’s make today a day to remember!

On your birthday let’s promise to make this year even more fun. Have a superb birthday and a fantastic year ahead of you!

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Let’s celebrate this special day of your life! May your home always be too small to hold all your friends!

As you start another fantastic year of your life, we wish that all your dreams come true. Have a great birthday and a smashing year ahead!

Say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday! I wish you the double of the best of everything!

Today is the best day of the year because you were born on this day. I wish you a thunderous Happy Birthday!

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